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Welcome to PARTWORKS - Exclusively Distributed by Netlink Distribution Company Ltd.

For more information on our company and to manage your own Partworks Backorders/Reorders please visit our corporate site HERE.

This web page is dedicated to Partworks and Collectables. A full range of books, kits and learning series are available on the site and you can subscribe on-line via our secure service with quick and trouble free transactions using Credit Card payments.

At this website, we also keep you up-to-date with the latest-breaking new releases, like these:

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Eaglemoss Ltd

Batman Automobilia

Collect the most iconic vehicles to have ever been driven by Batman from the hit TV shows, films and 70 years of comics.

Each Batmobile comes in a unique collector's case that features a detailed scene taken directly from the tv show, film or comic.

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Eaglemoss Publications

Knit & Stitch

Knit and Stitch with Begere de France is much more than just a collection of patterns.

You'll learn essential techniques; make gorgeous garments, chic accessories and stylish products for your home.

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Hachette Partworks

The Art of Crochet

Learn to crochet and create fashionable and original items.

The magazine comes with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and close-up crochet visuals.

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My Animal Farm

My Animal Farm is a brand new build up Farm and book collection.

Inside each book you will find 2 adventure stories focusing on life on the farm, plus fun facts and games which will bring the world of My Animal Farm to life for your children.

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Helicopter Magazine

Helicopter Magazine comes with a free highly-detailed die-cast model (in 1:72) featuring the world's helicopters.

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Trading Cards & Collectables

Collectable Trading Cards including NRL Traders and Power Play.

Available now through your retailer or our subscriptions contact centre.

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Hachette Partworks

The Art of Quilting

Learn the art of patchwork quilting with this new magazine series.

Every issue you will receive all the fabric you need and simple instructions to create the perfect patchwork quilt block-by-block.

Issue 1: $3.99, Issue 2: $7.99, Issue 3: $12.99

On sale in magazine retailers from May 20

Eaglemoss Ltd

DC Chess Collection

The DC Chess Collection begins with the Batman chess set, which pits Gotham's greatest heroes against the Joker's villains of Arkham Asylum.

Each issue comes with an in depth magazine for each character and essential chess tips for players of all levels.

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Eaglemoss Ltd

Little Cooks Collection - Dora the Explorer

Join Dora and friends as they have fun in the kitchen with a colourful new collection of silicone bakeware.

It's everything a little cook needs to fill her life with Dora fun!

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Hachette Partworks
The Agatha Christie Book Collection

The Agatha Christie Book Collection is a series of hardbacks based on the original first editions.

Each book's dust jacket is a faithful replica of the original first edition cover artwork.

Issue 1: 5.99, Issue 2: $12.99, Issue 3 on: $19.99

ON SALE NOW - In retail stores near you.

Hachette Partworks
The Official Marvel Graphic Novel Collection

These special edition hard-back books include a complete graphic novel featuring the epic adventures of Marvels best known superheroes.

A must-have collection for all Marvel fans

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HMS Victory

Build a unique diorama of the HMS Victory in the midst of battle. This collection builds up to a 1:84 scale detailed model of one of the world’s most famous ships.

Every weekly issue comes with new elements of your model. The accompanying magazine gives detailed modelling instructions as well as background on the Golden Age of Sail.


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Hachette Partworks The Art of Knitting

Learn to knit with the simplest stitches and easiest techniques and see your skills flourish with The Art of Knitting.

Each magazine will provide you with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and close-up knitting visuals. Also, included in the series will be a fabulous pattern collection including designer knits, home knits and fashion accessories.

Part 1: $3.99; Part 2: $5.99 and Part 3 onwards: $9.99

ON SALE NOW- In retail stores near you

Hachette Partworks The Hood

Week-by-week build a high-quality 1:200 scale model of the most advanced British Battle Cruiser, the HMS Hood. Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions enable you to build this battle crusier. Each issue comes with high quality parts and a magazine that enables you to learn more about the fascinating history of WWII.

Part 1: $1.99; Part 2: $9.99 and Part 3 onwards: $16.99

ON SALE NOW- In retail stores near you

Eaglemoss Publications
Baked and Delicious

A new recipe collection that covers everything from crisp biscuits and small cupcakes to rich fruit cakes, gateaux and granary and herb breads.

Each fortnightly issue of Baked & Delicious comes with a new piece of silicone bakeware and a magazine packed with scrumptious recipes. Amongst the silicone items to collect:  cupcake cases, pastry brush & spatula, loaf mould, flan moulds, muffin moulds and many more…


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Eaglemoss Ltd
James Bond's DB 5

James Bond's DB5 is a build-up model that is collected over 85 weekly instalments from retailers or you can subscribe online and the components will be delivered to your door every 4 weeks.

Every issue comes with new components for your model and a magazine with instructions and behind-the-scenes features on the making of the 007 movies.


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Amercom Publishing Fighter Aircraft Collection

Fighter Aircraft Collection is a fortnightly, must-have collection of highly-detailed die-cast models (in 1:72 and 1:100 scales) featuring the fighting machines of the aces.

Free with each model is a fact-filled magazine that builds into an encyclopaedia of Fighter Aircraft, telling you all you need to know about the legends, their histories, pilot stories and much more...

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Hachette Tiger Tank

Week-by-week build a high-quality 1:16 scale model of the most advanced German tank of World War II, the Tiger Tank.

Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions enable you to build this historic tiger. Each issue comes with high quality parts and a magazine that enables you to learn more about the fascinating history of WWII vehicles and artillery!

Part 1: $1.99; Part 2: $9.99 and Part 3 onwards: $16.99

ON SALE NOW- In retail stores near you

drwho GE Fabbri Dr Who DVD Files

Every issue comes with a DVD featuring two thrilling episodes of Doctor Who. The pull-apart-and-file magazine contains detailed profiles of all the favourite monsters and heroes, in-depth files on the technology, brand-new artwork, a look at the Doctor's first adventures, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews.

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tanks DeAgostini The Combat Tanks Collection

The Combat Tanks Collection is a magazine and model series of the greatest tanks in the history of warfare. Each magazine contains in depth articles on the history, technology and the battles these vehicles fought and the armoured units they belonged to.

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Eaglemoss The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection

Read all about it! Your friendly neighborhood Classic Marvel Figurine Collection has arrived! Fully authorized figurines with an amazing magazine make this a series in a super-league of its own

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